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Commercial Garage Doors Atlanta

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When searching for the best commercial garage door services, you need a company you can trust. Although garage doors of every kind have the same essential function of opening and closing, commercial doors can be designed differently than residential ones, and must be extremely reliable in order for work to proceed as planned.

  • A commercial garage door may be subjected to a lot of abuse over time, from night and day operation to suffering collisions with large trucks or equipment
  • Depending on the industry, a commercial garage door may have to stand up to very high specifications be in line with certain policies
  • Because garage door failure can result in the immediate halt of productivity, emergency maintenance services need to be available 24/7

At American Garage Doors and Openers, we can guarantee that our team understands all of the above. We can use our experience with commercial garage door systems to your advantage and deliver the fast and dependable installations, repair, or replacement parts when you need them.
If you need brand new doors installed, or have found that your existing garage doors need an upgrade, American Garage Doors is here to help.

We can install and service:

  • All makes and models of garage doors
  • Fire doors
  • Service doors
  • Counter doors
  • Rolling grilles

The parts and equipment keeping your doors in top working order can also be serviced or replaced by our experts. We focus on top-to-bottom service to ensure that your entire garage door system is capable of handling even the most demanding of industry needs. At American Garage Doors and Openers, we can help transform your doors with the help of hardware upgrades that will better suit the needs of your business.

American Garage Doors technicians can:

  • Install garage doors that maximize storage space
  • Extend the life of your torsion springs through solid shaft upgrades
  • Install double end hinges and long stem rollers to guarantee your door a longer life
  • Upgrade your 2 inch tracks to 3 inches in order to help lift heavier doors
  • Make your garage doors corrosion-proof

No matter the style of your commercial garage door or the materials it is made from, American Garage Doors and Openers can provide quality services at fair prices. By performing a professional analysis, we can figure out exactly what your doors need in order to surpass your expectations and truly work for you. There is a lot to consider when it comes to commercial doors, including effects the climate might have on the doors, the type of industry the doors are used for, and the amount of use they regularly experience. For example, a commercial garage door that is found in a climate that is often wet or humid could experience specific problems due to moisture damage. We can assess whether this is a risk at your facility and provide you with solutions that will help seal and protect your doors.

To perform an inspection on your own and pinpoint and problem areas you need to have serviced, test the door’s operation routinely and ensure that no unusual sounds are made by the door. Make sure that the door lifts and closes seemingly without trouble, and check to see that all hardware, fasteners, and gaskets are properly secured. Pay attention to any cables, springs, bars or sections of the door that look like they have suffered damage. Anything that is severely busted, bent, frayed, broken or worn down can cause garage door failure when you least expect it. Keep in mind that all fire doors should be inspected yearly, and your roll-up doors should be evaluated by a professional on a routine basis. Preventative measures such as these can mean the difference between solving a problem before it gets out of hand, and having to make an emergency call because your facility’s garage door isn’t functioning or has come crashing down unexpectedly.

For garage doors being used at warehouses, factories or other industrial environments, call American Garage Doors for all of your servicing needs. We can help improve the reliability of your garage doors and boost your productivity with our quality installations and parts.