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Repair for Garage Door Springs of All Kinds

When you’re looking for professional Dallas garage door spring repair, you need to choose a company that excels in both craftsmanship and customer service. At American Garage Doors and Openers, we do just that.

Springs are essential to the correct movement of your garage door, and when they are broken or otherwise not working like they should, you could be stuck with a garage door that won’t respond when you try to lift or close it. Due to the nature of garage doors as being heavy and made of hard materials, spring issues can be a cause for serious concern. A garage door that isn’t functioning correctly is one that has the potential to cause damage or injury. In order to prevent such a risk, it’s important for homeowners to receive maintenance services from trustworthy and fully-trained garage door experts. Attempting to make the repairs yourself can be a dangerous job, and we believe that when in doubt, you should leave it to the professionals.

If you have:

  • Bent springs or ones that have snapped
  • Old, worn down springs that may be unreliable
  • Torsion springs or extension springs that have not been recently inspected

call American Garage Doors today!

At American Garage Doors and Openers of Dallas, we work hard to ensure that your garage door is kept well-maintained and safe for the whole family. When it comes to garage door spring repair, our team of dedicated technicians can service or completely replace the components of your door that need to be addressed. A visit from an American Garage Doors team member is one where your home is treated with the utmost respect, and your technician doesn’t leave until the job is done. Customer service has always been an area in which our company has truly proven itself as a leader in the industry.

Whether it’s your torsion or extension springs that are in need of professional servicing, the garage door technicians of American Garage Doors can perform a full analysis to diagnose exactly what’s wrong, and can offer repairs or replacements that will truly last. We pride ourselves in being fast and efficient workers who can find a way to help even when dealing with strict budgets. Don’t let other garage door technicians give you the run around; American Garage Doors and Openers is the only metro Atlanta company of its kind that can guarantee the quality of service we provide!

Call today and speak with a friendly representative and schedule your appointment! Along with garage door spring repair, our Dallas technicians offer professional installation and a variety of other maintenance services to keep your garage functional and hazard-free.