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Kennesaw Spring Repair

If you’ve pressed the button of your garage door opener just to watch your garage door open slightly and stop, you may be dealing with a spring issue. This can also be the case if your garage door doesn’t open at all, or seems to be struggling while moving. Fully functioning garage door springs are important to the lifting and closing of your door, and are a serious inconvenience if they become worn or broken. If you’ve discovered that your garage door is having some serious issues, who should you call?

American Garage Doors of Kennesaw is a locally owned and family run business that focuses on keeping our promise for outstanding customer service and quality repairs that you can rely on. Garage door spring repair is one of our many areas of expertise, and our technicians handle a lot of springs during their work days! The springs of your garage door may seem fairly straight-forward to replace, but that is an assumption that can often do more harm than good. In reality, a job well done requires the right kind of spring replacements for your garage door, and they must be installed carefully and expertly to avoid causing any further damage. The existing springs on your door are usually wound very tight, and the tension that is present can be an accident waiting to happen if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What You Need to Know about Springs:

  • The two kinds of springs working to keep your garage door functional are extension springs and torsion springs
  • Worn springs are a common problem and can only be prevented by replacing them before they get too old
  • Broken springs need professional attention by technicians who know how to safely handle them

At American Garage Doors and Openers, we want to assure you that our team members will perform your garage door spring repair with meticulous care. In fact, our technicians can handle virtually any garage door issue that needs to be addressed, no matter how simple or complex. Springs, cables, panels, gaskets, brackets, rollers, and bearings are just a few of the components of a garage door that our team members have been fully trained to service. No matter what’s causing your problem, an American Garage Doors technician can professionally analyze your door system and make repairs when needed— without over-selling you unnecessary services or products. Our company’s promise is one of keeping you safe and satisfied while working within your budget and time frame. Our success has been built on a loyal customer base that recognizes quality craftsmanship when they see it, and we want you to experience what it’s like to be taken care of by the experts!

For service like you’ve never experienced before, call American Garage Doors at your earliest convenience. The garage door spring repair Kennesaw homeowners have been looking for is only a phone call away!