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Spring Services for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

Your Smyrna garage door operates the way it does thanks to spring-loaded mechanisms. Springs are an important part of your garage door system, and they enable safe and convenient movement when opening and closing the door. That said, these springs can also pose the risk of injury because they are held under a lot of pressure. Worn springs, or those that have not been installed correctly, can snap or dislodge unexpectedly. This is a huge safety issue, as your garage door is a bulky, heavy piece of equipment. Without the springs to keep it in place, your garage door could come crashing down on whatever or whoever happens to be in the way.

At American Garage Doors and Openers, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that your family, friends, pets and possessions are safe from garage door mishaps. We offer quality spring repair Smyrna families deserve, at prices that are always competitive and fair.

We service:

  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs
  • Worn springs
  • Broken springs
  • There are two types of springs that could be at work within your garage door system. Torsion springs are found in the upper sections of your garage door, while extension springs are attached to the swing arms. The American Garage Doors and Openers team is proud to offer professional maintenance and replacements for both types of springs, and when you hire a team of expert garage door technicians like us, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our Smyrna garage door technicians can service any type of garage you have, whether it be a heavy-duty commercial door or a run-of-the-mill residential one. We analyze every component of your door in order to get a good idea of what exactly is the cause for your trouble, and our technicians get to work finding solutions that are efficient and effective.

    For Smyrna garage door spring repair that you can trust to be safe and reliable, call American Garage Doors today! We’ve been building up our reputation for over nine years as a company that believes in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. Worn, broken, or problematic springs are no problem for our fully trained team of garage door professionals.

    Day and night, rain or shine, American Garage Doors and Openers of Smyrna offers 24/7 emergency services for those situations in which immediate response is necessary. We believe that the route towards success for any metro Atlanta or north Georgia business lies in performing high quality services while prioritizing customer satisfaction!