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Garage Door Replacement Parts Atlanta Ga

A garage door system is made up of various components, each with their own purpose and responsibility. When one part of your garage door fails, operation can become noisy, unreliable, or even dangerous. At American Garage Doors and Openers, we provide replacement parts for virtually any component you need. This includes:

  • Tracks
  • Sensors/safety eyes
  • Door panels
  • Cables
  • Springs

It is our goal to ensure that your garage door is functioning to your expectations at all times. We provide parts for all types of systems, whether you have roll-up doors or sectional doors at your location. For a free price estimate, call today to speak with an American Garage Door representative.

Garage Door Replacement Parts and Installation

At American Garage Doors, we supply you with not only dependable products, but qualified garage door technicians and professional installation services. When switching out old parts for new ones, our team members know that precision and care must be at the forefront of their minds. A garage door part that is installed incorrectly can cause a variety of problems such as:

  • Unexpected malfunctions
  • Damage to your garage door
  • An increase in the risk of injury

For these reasons, we take replacement part installation seriously and only deliver the best services possible for every job.


Tracks are important to the movement of your garage door, and they provide an area for the door’s rollers to travel along. Garage door tracks come in three different types: standard, vertical and high lift tracks. Standard tracks are generally meant for residential garages, while vertical tracks are mostly used for commercial and industrial systems. The high lift track can be used with either type of garage door, and is essentially a combination of both the standard and vertical tracks. No matter the type of tracks your garage door utilizes, damage or corrosion can cause you significant trouble when attempting to operate the door.  Tracks are parts of a garage door that are especially reliant on other components; when these other components get worn out, your tracks can split or become bent.


Sensors are small devices set up on either side of your door. They must be properly aligned at all times in order for an uninterrupted beam of light to be established between them. If your garage door is open and something is impeding the sensors’ line of sight, the door will not close all the way or will reverse. This is to ensure that there are no objects, people or pets underneath the closing door. If your sensors have been damaged or are malfunctioning, this creates a safety hazard that must be evaluated immediately. There is also another type of sensor that garage doors can have, and the function of these are to make you aware of when your garage door is open. The purpose for this type of sensor is to help ensure security at all times.


Panels are the sections of the door that create a wall between the inside and outside of the garage. It’s not uncommon for these panels to become dented or crushed by vehicular mishaps or other unexpected accidents. Damage to your panels can make opening and closing your garage door problematic, as they are intended to roll up in a very specific way. Different garage doors have different panels; some panels are insulated while others are not, and there are a variety of materials a door’s panels could be made of. Likewise, there are many decorative styles of garage door panels available. At American Garage Doors and Openers we carry an array of different panel styles, and can help to supply you with replacements that will seamlessly match the rest of your door.


Cables are vital parts of your garage door that can wear down, snap, or fray over time. The type of cables you have depend on the type of springs your garage door utilizes, but they all have the same basic duties, which is to help lift and close the door safely. Broken cables can prevent your garage door from properly opening, and can become a nuisance very quickly. In the event that you notice your cables are worn or frayed, it’s important to get assistance immediately. A cable that snaps while the door is closing can cause the door to suddenly crash down on whatever is underneath. Cables, like springs, can be under a lot of tension and if handled improperly could be dangerous. At American Garage Doors, we can replace your cables safely and effectively, no matter the make or model of your garage door.


Springs are installed into garage doors to provide a counterbalance system. In a torsion spring system, either one or two springs are mounted above the garage door. When the door opens, the torsion springs unwind and the tension that was stored in the springs makes it possible for the weight of the door to be lifted. On the other hand, in an extension spring system two springs contract as the door is opened. These springs are found parallel to the horizontal door tracks. Your garage may use either torsion or extension springs and the sizes of these springs can vary. At American Garage Doors and Openers, we can provide you with the springs you need at competitive prices. Our garage door spring installation is top-notch, and carried out with careful consideration to your property, your family, and yourself. Staying safe while installing replacement parts means relying on trusted professionals to handle the job.