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We fix all broken springs!

At American Garage Doors, we’ve been providing quality services with 30 years of experience under our belts. As a dependable garage door repair company, we have solved virtually every kind of problem you could encounter. The typical reasons our team receives garage door repair service calls are because of:

  • Broken springs
  • Broken cables and rollers
  • Bent tracks
  • Off-track doors
  • A broken or lost remote

At American Garage Doors and Openers, we can fix all of these problems and more.

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Sometimes the best way to find out what’s wrong with your garage door is to perform your own inspection and see what it yields. If any of the many components that make up a garage door system aren’t working as they should be, the entire door could be rendered useless.

A garage door’s sensors need to be functional and properly aligned in order for the door to open and close safely. Sensors, also known as safety eyes, help prevent a scenario in which the garage door shuts on a person or object and causes damage or injury. Inspecting and maintaining your sensors is a relatively easy and safe thing that many homeowners can handle without a technician.

  • Many sensors have a small light that can glow either red or green, and can blink when active or when the beam is interrupted. Check the manual for your particular sensor model or look online to see what the lights signify For example, a blinking red light on many garage door sensors means that something is wrong and requires further inspection.
  • Wipe the lens of the sensors with a clean cloth to ensure that the problem isn’t being caused by dirt or build-up interrupting the beam.
  • Ensure that the sensors are fixed in their location and are stable. Sensors that are misaligned or move too much when the garage door is opening/closing are not able to perform their job correctly.

If you know there is a problem with your garage door sensors but you can’t seem to diagnose the particular problem, an appointment with American Garage Doors and Openers can shed light on the situation, and if need be, we can replace your sensors with brand new products that are guaranteed to work.
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There are a number of other garage door issues beyond those that defective or broken safety eyes can cause, such as:

  • Frayed or broken torsion springs
  • Dry bearings, hinges or rollers
  • Worn extension springs
  • Damage to vertical tracks

To inspect your garage door, follow the steps below carefully. Do not attempt to make complicated repairs without the proper mechanical knowledge and tools. Due to extreme spring tension and the weight of your garage door components, injury is a real risk when dealing with serious repairs.

Step One

Check the tracks. The tracks are the parallel metal pieces that your garage door runs on when moving up and down. If these tracks have been bent, broken, warped, dented, or heavily corroded, your garage door could start exhibiting trouble when opening or closing. Be sure to inspect them for clogged debris as well, because anything impeding the regular path of the door will cause problems sooner or later.

Step Two

Take a look at the springs. Extension springs are located above the horizontal tracks of your door. Determine whether the coils look uniform and tight, or stretched out and irregular. If they appear distended, it means they probably need to be replaced. Likewise, a single torsion spring may be located directly above your garage door, in the center. Check to make sure that this spring is in one piece and is undamaged. If it’s not, your torsion spring will need to be replaced by a professional.

Step Three

Test your garage door for squeaking by opening it and closing it. If there is a lot of sound produced, but seemingly no damage to any of the door’s components, applying lubrication to the right places can fix the problem. A Lithium-based grease or silicone spray applied to the parts of your door that move when lifting or closing can solve your noise issue in no time. With the door shut and disconnected from the motor, thoroughly coat any hinges, exposed ball-bearing rollers, pivot points, and other sliding pieces. Torsion springs can also be sprayed with grease to minimize noise further.

Following the above three steps routinely will help to ensure that your garage door is well-maintained and performs at the best of its ability. Still, unexpected things are going to happen during your garage door’s lifetime, even if you are diligent in your care. When it comes to residential garage door repair, American Garage Doors and Openers is the company to call. We provide fast, reliable services and can fix any garage door issue you may be experiencing. To schedule an appointment with a dependable professional, call our number today.