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Troubleshooting LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Atlanta

Though LiftMaster garage doors have high quality, yet it is possible that you may have to troubleshoot them occasionally. Some of the common problems that may you have to encounter are mentioned below.

The garage door doesn’t respond to the remote/keypad

If the garage door doesn’t respond to the remote/keypad and you don’t have the outside quick release model, there is no way to make the opener respond. If the garage door is the only way to access the garage, then you may have to find another way to open the door. To prevent this problem from occurring, you should install the outside key release. With it, you can manually release the door from the opener’s control.

The garage door opener is beeping

Many LiftMaster garage door openers have internal batteries that will provide backup to the opener when there is a power outrage. A beeping sound will emanate from the garage door opener if it is operating off the internal battery or when the internal battery is not able to charge. A battery that has been fully charged will power the opener for at the most two days, in case there is no power. When there is restoration of power, the battery will be recharged in 48 hours. Here are a few indications for you to note:

1. Red LED indicates that the battery is not able to recharge and it has to be replaced.
2. Orange LED indicates there is no power and the opener is running off the battery.
3. Green LED indicates the battery is not running the garage door opener.

The door opener is humming or seems to be running but the door doesn’t open

It may be that the trolley is stuck to the stop bolt. It may also be due to a bad capacitor, stripped gears, or motors.

If the opener hums for 2-3 seconds, then it is likely that the trolley is stuck. If the trolley is not stuck and the door still hums, then the capacitor is damaged. Look for tell-tale signs such as bulges or oil. If the opener hums till it is unplugged, then the problem is a damaged receiver logic board. If the opener hums for nearly 30 seconds, then the belt or the chain has been dislocated or the gars may be stripped.

The door may open a little and reverse

There are safety features in the opener that will automatically reverse the door in case resistance is encountered by the motor. There are some factors that may trigger this feature even if the motor does not encounter any resistance.

For one, the force setting of the motor may not be properly done. Alternatively, the gears in the garage door opener may have been recently replaced and the RPM sensor assembly and the shaft bearing kit may be interfering. It is also possible that the motor shaft is not tightened to the motor due to the presence of a loose shaft-bearing kit. Click the link for more garage door remote information.